Shep the shepherd

Shep the shepherd

Hi... I'm Shep the shepherd. I'm just a California kid raising California kids. I want you to know that we are all created with a purpose and perfectly in the image of God. I hope to reach your heart and mind through your headphones by being very transparent when I speak on my life experiences. I do this with the hope that some can relate and I can lead you not to me, but to the one who is the solution to this life. Jesus is the great I am. You can find links to music, merchandise is coming soon. #SpeakTruthSpeakLife #CrossPromotion


Trapper Keeper

by Shep the shepherd x TImmy Clover

TRAPPER KEEPER is available here to listen, you can also download on iTunes or 30 other digital stores. You can stream on Spotify and Soundlcoud or your other fav outlets.